Through It All

With a whisper to my ear,
Instead of positive, only negative thoughts appear.
I share my inner most thoughts with a pen and paper
so I've never abused or overused her.
I stand a young woman, wishing for respect;
And to myself, I express my intellect.
I seem good and happy on the outside,
but on the inside, I'm an emotional roller coaster ride.
Through turns and flips, I've been through it all,
and when I try to be me, I crash into a invisible wall.
Someone with my thoughts is hard to come by,
but no one believes it's me, so all I can ask is why?
I show sides of me that you'd never expect.
My thoughts and personality are out of line,
I'm such a wreck.
I write in the back of my book hoping my work won't be read,
because I hope to avoid anything being said.

by Karen Alexis LaRose

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