Through My Eyes

The world I call home,
Is no more
My life is plagued
And spirit broken

I try to reach out
But anger swells my surrenders
All their lies,
Swirling in my mind.

Feeding me with poison…
Feeding me with anger…
Feeding me with death!

I long to stop my vision
To end all my bleeding sight, but
All in all I cannot
And know one cares

Their poisoned word seep into my soul,
Killing it to the heart
And when I finally cry out
It means nothing to them

Through my eyes, I see them
Laughing at me,
Taunting me…
And killing me.

Poison slowly seeps down my veins,
Killing all I once had
‘Til I can’t bare to see
‘Til I long to die

Through my eyes,
I no longer wish to live
Through my eyes,
There is no future

by Corey Mason

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