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Through My Eyes
AR Anam Rizvi (11.01.89 / India)

Through My Eyes

Why bother to grow up at all?
In this dratted and bratty world?
Why sneeze? Why joke? Why read? Why pray?
You laugh but do it anyway.

Why live? Whu die? Why wake up too?
You say life's such a bore for you.

Yet you live and eat and joke,
You smile and breathe and cough and choke,
On the very things you tell,
So gleefully and oh so well.

I wish you'd try to understand,
How it feels to know this land.
To love and joke and really feel it,
To laugh aloud with every bit.

That warm feeling creeps in your soul,
Dragging you out of the hell hole,
Your mind's so cleverly created,
While you sit happy and sated.

You may someday feel this way too,
The water cool and sky so blue.
So clear, so green, so full of love,
And look through my eyes to the one above.

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