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Through My Window
DM (12-04-48 / Arlington Virginia)

Through My Window

I stand at my window
as the dawn kisses the earth
The dark void of night
gives way to a new day's birth

I ponder...
What marvels will this day hold
Will there be a calm
for all to behold

Will it be
the dawn of peace
The day that
hate will finally cease

Will the homeless
and hungry be no more
Will all be comforted
with food and an open door

Will our precious little babies
be held close to heart
and each one be given
their birthright start

Will all that carry scars
of the sadly abused
Be no longer imprisoned
by their accused

Will the ones that protected
this land so dear
return to a home
without recourse or fear

Will we finally be able
to stand and unite as one
from this day's first sun
until time is done


Snf9 Original
January 2005

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