Through My Window

Poem By jay algernon

Joy and blissfulness lurk within the air
I could not help but look with a hopeful stare
And so I walk to the edge hoping to dive in
Before the other half holds me before I can begin

Long walks at the midnight hour
Underneath the neighborhood lights
The cold consumes with all her power
The warmth will not come until the end of night

There is no hope I say
No backwards transfiguration
But just a muzzle and a leash
And my imagination

Somber days fill my ways
With actors looking the other way
Proclaiming “We have projects already underway.”
“We cannot linger on the present day.”

A burst of adrenaline comes my way
A rush of blood to the head
Sweet destiny has not forgotten me
The warmth is here and the cold is dead

Impostor it is
Dressed in human clothing
Who lured me in but let me go
Without any warning

Final celebrations of the year
Should be filled with happiness and cheer
The mind works in strange ways though
That is why I am looking through my window.

Comments about Through My Window

Wow, I really love this poem, so subtly rousing, and you present some great questions. Effie

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