Through The Curtains

Through the curtains
/written by R.Frost, A.Ogin, Karel from |Prague, composed-fused by Karel from |Prague/

He wakes
enjoying the rare moments
As the sweet outflow

If only I could turn around,
There is a life behind me,
And miles to go before I sleep,
in front of me.

Still, he does not want to get up.

But I have promises to keep
Music is playing in the background
When I can see both worlds
The one behind the eyelids
To ask if there is some mistake

And the "real" one
vacations planned, bought, and taken
On hispath of cross, full of roses
visits from relatives, in-laws,
Through the window pane I watch them eating.
Through the curtains,

He only moves his jointslike a big puppet

the silver grey curtains

He speaks of a new day

but all I can do is close my eyes
there is a life behind me,
If only I could turn around
toss my envy into the compost
His house is in the village though
I watch the children grow

He is getting up
but he will be going home to the real world
The darkest evening of the year

and I wonder,
will they ever get new curtains?

by Karel from Prague

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