Through The Door

You don't like when I speak Truth, I don't like when you teach wrong,
And when you think about God, there's no question what side He's on.

You may think that I'm just arrogant and filled with my own opinion.
But friend, you won't find anything wrong in God's Eternal Dominion.

Even when Christ, bearing all of our sins on the cross was crucified,
His Father, who could not look at sin, had to turn away as He died.

Christ came to give us New Life in Him, and gave us proof as He rose,
This is a fact for all to know, even if you keep your eyes closed.

Friend, I had my choice and followed men, but, then I met The Lord,
Being gently nudged by The Holy Spirit of God, He led me to The Door.

Standing at The Door with childlike faith, a small voice spoke to me,
Open The Door with a childlike faith and The Lord will set you free.

And Jesus died for the whole world that day on the cross at Calvary,
But, opening up The Door and entering through was totally up to me.

So, I went through The Door that day and I have never been the same,
Although I felt no difference that day, my life sure began to change.

God began to cleanse me in The Word that day and gave me eyes to see,
My life down here is but a mist my friend, and I focused on Eternity.

As man continues to focus on the world through religious innovation,
God patiently waits for all who will, to come to Jesus for Salvation.

(Copyright © 03/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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