Through The Ears Of My Mind

From the birds twitter,
I see a selective maker,
who waits as I stutter,
and listens as I mutter.

So small a one flies about,
from branch to branch salutes,
with ease and grace repeat,
the whispers I hear daily,
that tell us earth is ours,
to kiss and win with daily,
deeds so frequent as these.
while I stagger up a lonely,
road alone.

Do we know life is easier,
when our minds hear no whisper,
about things not made of love,
when the ear of our minds,
listens and hears only the
twitting bird and not the voices,
of others who settle for lesser
joys, like cursing when they could
love, with the same mouth. For even
if it's no beak, it can tweet alike?
Now they curse on twitter forgetting
the bird only sings to the joy of
this, our universe. Join the ear of my
mind and listen to the sound, for its
sweetness abounds in the wild wilderness.
So joyful these sounds I hear them, rising
one day to fill our whole world.

by Sarah Mkhonza

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