Through The Emergency Doors

It never ends, patient after patient enters through the doors
The Emergency Room portal never stays closed for long
Each patient coming in anxious for their own condition and cure
Some more urgent, more acute, requiring immediate action

Nurses and doctors work at a steady calming pace
Assessing and diagnosing every individual's need
Triaging first then registration take their course
Patients wait in anticipation for the call of their name to heed

The time of waiting is often uncertain, sometimes even frustrating
Every day is busy with every type of accident, illness or ache
Each case taken in rotation, sooner or immediate if life threatening
Whatever the problem, all are treated with dignity and respect

Visitors for patients and who assist those who come to ER
Are shown every courtesy to locate a dear one not well
A few taps on new system and a click here and there
Quickly reveals where patient can be found and then can tell

Seven days a week, twentyfour hours a day
Around the clock Emergency Room coverage never stops its fight
Staff are on duty for whatever medical cause or affray
They are there for each person's plight at any time of day or night

With the holiday season looming, ER staff will be rushed off their feet
But nevertheless, they will still be there to listen, help and care
Thanks for such dedicated folk ready at any time for a medical seek
And whatever ailment is found, they will tend to and mend and repair

Written at Richmond Hill, Ontario - 14th December 2017.

by Deanna Samuels

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