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Through The Eye Of A Peephole
AC (11-14-1988 / El Paso)

Through The Eye Of A Peephole

whats it like?
because i'm blank
i swear,
i didn't know the stove was on this entire time...
now we're shaking hands with carbon monoxide,
but it could be worse..
we could be cursed...
I COULD be worse...
but what's worse?
i mean just look at all this sand
there was an ocean between,
where i end and you begin,
i could only drown
i can't see you from this far..
not that i ever had any
not that you ever noticed
i feel like a relative's stranger
we're feeling dizzy
the fumes are knocking
and we're interested
we've been alone for a long time
its refreshing to have company again
we're on the floor now..
lets at least pretend to hold hands
the last act of contrition we've got
just remember...this is fate
we're sketchy, but clear enough

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