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Through The Eye's Of A Psychotic Artist
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Through The Eye's Of A Psychotic Artist

Your blood is like art to me.
Watching it drip into a puddle on the floor,
Painting a wonderful picture.

-One that only I can see.-

You are my canvas,
And I the creative painter.
As you wither and squirm,
Your screams encourage me
-To do it just a little bit more.-

Your once innocent pink locks,
are now coated with red.
You look more beautiful to me now,
than you ever have before.

But I don’t tell you this,
I only sit and stare.
And carve just a little deeper.
Another scream forced from your lips,
-Music to my ears.-

Baby, this little art show of mine,
It has just begun...

Scream for me baby,
Bleed for me,
-Just a little bit more-

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