DG (10May79 / Philippines)

Through The Eyes Of A Child

It’s a man in a suit.
Who could it be?
How many months has it been?
Oh my God, only three!
Mom, what’s going on? What do I do?
He can’t take me yet,
I’m not even through.
Just a little more time,
and I’m sure I can grow.
I know I’m not ready,
I’ve got six months to go.
Do you know what he’s holding?
I really can’t see.
Oh no, is that sharp?
Is it coming for me?
Please mom, try and stop him,
he’s here way too soon.
I’m sure he will listen.
This is MY room.
Look at him mom!
Murder burns through his eyes.
Aren’t you going to help me?
Will you not even try?
The start of this life
was simply ended, then filed.
You’d just have to see it
through the eyes of a child.

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