Through The Eyes Of A Child

No-one is bad, no danger abounds,
all is pure, no horrible sounds.

Father Christmas is real and angels fly high,
there is nothing deadly to fall from the sky.

No such thing as debt, as money, grows on trees,
they can have anything they want, if they say, 'Please.'

Food is abundant and there is no such thing as fore-closure,
they can live in the sun, no thought of exposure.

No such thing as wars, no knowlege of abuse,
if it can't be eaten or played with, for it, they have no use.

Then in one day, their innocense is gone,
they have stepped into a world where innocense does'nt belong.

by Ruth warren

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while this is beautiful and true of many little child - some others live in poverty and despair, they don't know anything except guns, and prisons and hunger & cold. but i remember my childhood and it was as you spoke... a wonderful world of new things, imagination and kindness. too bad all the children in the world can live like this... funny though as it is: the money wasted on creating mass weapons of destruction alone can feed every child in the world... yet we would rather make war then love. gentle and kind piece. great work.