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Through The Eyes Of A Teenager

Everday passes,
reminding me of lessons to be learned.
oppurtunities pass me by,
showing me things to be earned.

I don't know life as an adult sees it,
only as a child and teen.
I can only guess what life is meant to be,
based on what I have seen.

Today I learned of love,
and the pain that it maybe bear.
you can never know a person's truth,
behind the masks they wear.

I don't know the meaning of love,
or why its never true.
I'm unsure of so many things these days,
I know less than I thought I knew.

I find its getting diffucult,
to distinguish bad from good.
and although it sounds cliche
I'm a child misunderstood.

I need to mov eon past the hurts,
move to heaven from this hell.
I need to stand up for others,
and to my self as well.

I don't know how to tell,
a good friend from bad.
we talk about eachothers backs,
ruinning the trust we had.

When i stare into the mirror,
I see things I wish I could deny.
a fear of judgement and confrontation,
I can no longer look my self in the eye.

If everybody has to go,
through torment and through pain.
if they understad the hurt,
thats another gain.

If they can feel,
the burden of thier fears.
and know the cost,
of showing thier tears.

If they know how its feels,
to have a lover or friend.
stab their backs with knives,
why are they so cruel to say
these are the best days of out lives?

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I'll be 36 years old the end of this week, and I STILL feel that way!