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Through The Eyes Of An Eagle...

White frozen mountain tops
beautifully glisten
Elegantly reflect glamour
right up to the heaven
Powdery crystal frost
sprinkles in swift winds
Blankets of snow cover
summits of highlands

Pure blue glacier water
flows down icy peaks
Slowly runs through
mossy rocks into streams
Reflections of landscapes
visible on still waters
Picturesque lakes located
between high mountains

Fragrant wildflowers bloom
in green meadows
Widely spread evergreen
Pine-woods on the hills
A troop of foxes run together
on thorny fir needles
Tiny little cubs hide inside
underground burrows

Symbol of power freely
floats in distant air
Spreads apart broad
bold wings of elegant flair
Gently circles underneath a
smooth cumulus cloud
King of the sky majestically
lands on grassy ground...

Copyright(c) Hemakumar Nanayakkara

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Beautifully described! Excellent description of the wild described seen from the 'zoom in lenses' of the keenly perceptive and graceful eagle. Excellent work!
Everything came together for me in the last stanza. 'lands on the ground'. This helped me realize that your were describing the descent of the eagle in the above stanzas and what it saw. 'Tiny little cubs hide inside underground burrows' is especially poignant. They and the red foxes flee for safety. A lot of good imagery. Well done.
Your words paint a beautiful picture
Dear Hemakumar, Intersting lines...Good write
As seen through the eyes of the eagle the cares of earth must seem very small. A rare write.Very beautiful. Warmest regards, Sandra
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