Through The Eyes Of Others

Through the eyes of others, many
wonders to be found. I have seen
the love to which their heart's
are bound.

Looking into the eyes of a child, so
much splendor there, some with
so much sorrow, some with no

Through the eyes of others, many tears
I have seen, heartaches overflowing,
as they spill from their life's seam.

In the eyes of the old, so many stories
there to be told, some of love,
some forgotten, left out in the cold.

Through the eyes of others, I have come
to know, as I look through the windows,
I will always find their soul.

There in the eye's, always their life
comes alive, ever changing, never to
stay the same, as some close them
to life's pain.

Through the eyes of others, beauty I
have seen, their children, their
hopes, their wishes and their dreams.

I have seen a soul take flight on
broken wings, I have felt death,
felt their sorrow that it brings.

Eye's can tell you everything you need
to know, take you on a journey
into one's soul.

by Ruth warren

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