The Words Of Miracle

God made a clay alive
And said him to go
But all about the earth
He wanted to know

God was not agreed
To tell him about the earth
He said you'll know
All after your birth

But he was not ready
Then God told him that
When you'll live on the earth
You will become bad

That earth is full of sorrows
Hurts, cries and pain
But even in that frail
You'll meet some real men!

How bad is your land?
There is nothing but only pain
I'm not to leave you
I don't need your real men!

You'll not go there!
How could this be?
Death is made for all
You've to leave me

Then lend me a promise
That I'll die after my birth
God became agreed
And send him to the earth

When he came here
It seemed a bright pied
he found the planet quite loving
But to keep th promise, he died.

by Irfan Salimi

Comments (7)

Lovely poem, Julia dear, I am glad I started reading your creations with this one. I'll try to read all the other works as soon as, but for the beginning I am very much impressed!
This is a beautiful poem like a dream
to at last become One with the great sweep of Nature nothing beats the thrill more than thrill deep abiding joy that such an event could happen a wonderful poem
I smelled the grass as you spoke, and the sense of having been there often before was very strong.
A very lovely poem Julia, very well constructed bringing the centuries together. Loved it, loved the read. Love Ernestine XXX
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