AS (2nd December 1986 / Stevenage, Hertforshire, England)

Through The Lies

Watching the stars fall down on me
Fading, fading, ever so slowly
This nothingness gently creeps over me
Is hurt and lonely all I’ll ever be?

Wipe the tears slowly from my eyes
Every last dropp reminds me of what I despise
Feelings of terror, memories and pain
As this anguish washes over me again

Trembling lips and quivering hands
As fear's haze circles times endless sands
Time is a great healer, I once heard them say
Well, that’s no good to me, today

Remembering thoughts, hopes and dreams
All the ambitions and things I wanted to achieve
A broken soul, treading on glass
Looking though windows and shattered masks

Give me one desire, one little thing
To keep me from breaking and shattering within
One little whisper, one little care
To stop me from crying out in despair

I hurt too much to let it show
Sometimes I just want to let you all to know
The pain that lies behind these eyes
Maybe one day you’ll see through all of the lies

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