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Through The Wave
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Through The Wave

Poem By Deborah Danso

I went through the wave of life
Something was drawing me closer
Excruciating it has been, rocking with the curved wave
I travelled through life distresses and its misery
I mourn five times for my love ones dying
It was calling my mind to carry me to the path of destruction
I climbed steep hills of challenging obstacles
The journey was tough
I could have crumbled
It was too steep I took my eyes off the road
And tiredness was taken hold of me
I came through a bend and buckle
Something was hurling at me, I plummeted beneath my feet
I try not to make my feet stumble again
I was afraid to get hurt by the crashing emptiness
This expedition took me out of my comfort zone
I thought life was not going to throw obstacles at me
Side to side the boat moved
I received a new vision with a brighter light

I opened my heart for my single only instruction
And the far away bushes are way overgrown
My desires are to be free
Above me are the shadows of the hungry tide
I was holding on to my dear life
I took my eyes of my journey and went to sleep
Trying to get out but, my thoughts are too deep
After I awoke, I climbed a steep hill with my pain and destruction on my back
It's the strength and courage that I lack
My journey was a sufferance, the climb was awfully steep
I went through the wave I won't be going back to sleep

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