Through The Years

(A poem I wrote for my Grandparents' 50th Anniversary)

50 years
Together you have spent
50 years
And all those dear memories
You begin to recollect

Moments from the past
Flash through your minds
When it was hoped
That the two of you
Would forever last

Through the roughest of times
You kept each other
By your sides
In each other’s hearts
You always were

Your memories take you
A time back then
To when you were young
When days were full
Of excitement and fun

Then that spark of excitement
Began to fade
But your love,
It still remained
Forever it did stay

You’ve lived your lives
Together this whole time
With so much to offer
So much to give and learn
All these things from each other

At one point in your lives
You may have realized
That exactly how long
You’ve been together
Isn’t the measure for love

Instead, it is the power of your love
How much you’ve enriched each other’s lives
Through words, actions, or anything else
It is all of those special memories
That tell the story of the strength of your love

During these wonderful 50 years
You have spent together
Innumerable memories have been revealed
That show just how strong your love truly is
And what made it possible to stay this way for 50 years!

by Rachel Blank

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