Through Transparency You Came

Where do we go,
and did you not come away from it,
and did you not know.
and why are you still afraid to be told
there are no mistakes.
so many of us, we came away from.
All that there is, so far that was, up until
and remember,
one hundred eighty six thousand
miles per second.
No resistance except for the mass of that
which is.
Infinity is how far beyond the boundary's
of simple comprehension.
If mass meets no resistance but from that
of it's mass it's self,
how far can, it then go.
Knowing how much all the mass originally
How far would you go, to know.
Even in the land of no inertia, there is.
What silly man,
sits beside the rift to wait and see, beyond it.
What is lighter than all you will know,
where were you taught?
Even smaller, than small
is that which, you think, you all know
must it stop,
because you know it has form and shape.
What is lighter than that,
'but there is much to that and there is..
It takes you to the rift and back,
in such blinding, transparent you came, 'instantly.

by James McLain

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