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Through Your Eyes, I See

He came in softly
Regret upon his eyes,
Scarring the gentle forehead with wrinkles
That had been surprised out of hiding
He sat down and hid his face
Ashamed of me?
No, of himself
For his eyes glistened, his face already wet
With the sorrow clouding his strong features
He spoke to me with such tender defeat
Uttering the words I had only dreamed of hearing
His hands shook and his eyes creased
Tears speaking in decibles
What his voice could never acquire
The oceans, so long hidden from the light
Came welling up from inside him
A downpour he regreted, even as it careened down
The canyons in his tired face
His voice was raspy as he whispered his love
His undying resolve to never let me be harmed
If even his life were to be payed
In sacrifice
He stuttered out the hymn my ears had been longing for
A quiet melody that whispered, 'I need you',
And resounded in the parched caverns my ears had become
He couldn't look at me, his heart was so heavy
I could feel it pounding in my own
Sobbing in all emotion overpowered
And uncontrolled
He looked up, once and said
He wished he could be a man, and here he was
So weak, so powerless
And I could only look at him and wonder
At how this giant monster in my life
Could turn into my only Prince
How could no one else see his once shining armor,
Now tarnished from fighting my battles
Constantly at my side
How is it that I could only see his cuts, sewn into my heart
And not see that they were really results
Of his panic that I might recieve worse?
What could have blinded me to speak
Such words of intolerance to his face
The one that was now before me, broken?
How could I not forgive the bruises he had left
And realize that we all make mistakes?
I should be the last to point
Point my own bloodlaced finger
So I watch him, so many thoughts racing through my head
and wish there was something I could say
I hug him tight and wish that I could
Wash away his hurt and mine
To make us whole
And I realize, we must both be broken
Before we can mend anything at all.

Daddy, I love you

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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Answer me this.... How does such a write go with reading on this site..... I for one have been deeply moved by the voice of this well=crafted penning... and willnever understand why such writes, Like this one, go unnoticed..... Keep up the good work