Throughout The Pain

Drowning in these tears I've cried
Hoping that it would drown out the pain
But instead I crawled through the pain
Ran through the storms

Hid all the pain inside of myself
Cause I knew no one else would ever understand
I was right they didn't understand
Not the pain I was feeling

Worse than a deep cut
Broken into and ripped apart
No one knew how torn up I was
How shattered I was inside

No one even knew it at all
Can't even describe the pain I was feeling
But here I am still
Still alive after I've tried to die

I can't say I'm pain free cause I'm not
I can say that most of the pain is gone
And that all in all I'm doing okay
I'm doing alright all things considering

This road I've traveled on was long and rough
These storms I've faced along the way
The scars upon me I made
It was all well worth it cause I learned a lot throughout the pain

Throughout the pain I made it
Still shattered I don't think I will ever find all the pieces
But I'm still here through the long suffering of pain
I made it throughout the pain and made it through the storms

January 24,2009


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