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Throw Hazelbutt Out - Keep P/H Clean!
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Throw Hazelbutt Out - Keep P/H Clean!

There once was an imbecile Brit
who produced nothing more than plain shit.
It was hazel in hue
and the texture of sprue
all his poofter friends thought it was it.

As you know Hazelbutt likes to flash
his well used and malodorous gash,
he has spent many times
for those paedophile crimes
in the slammer inspite of his rash.

He has learned to be used as a whore
even teachers thought he was a bore.
With no talent to win
and a very small pin
he let out an inaudible roar.

Scotland Yard took him off in a cart.
To the school of the oil paintings and art,
when they tested him there
he experienced a tear
in his rectum. Created a fart.

That is all, dear beloved he could
under stress and much promise (you would)
give to those who would judge
so they gave him a fudge
just before they tied on the black hood.

'Take the trash and burn all at the stake,
use a pitchfork, a broom and a rake,
let the fire burn hot,
though of substance he's not
he was nothing much more than a flake.'

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