Throw It Away

People are their words and I drown in mine
This cold fire slightly lit splits my heart and I find it hard to enjoy my pain
While they stare I become over joyed and smile
As they glare my souls desire comes out in a laugh
They walk away and misery fills me once again, but still I don’t care
People tell me “I know what they think of you” and I say “so do I”
Their once filtered mind becomes confused with my truth
The lies break apart as I explain all the whys
I see this world as a game
And even though I draw the wrong cards I know I'm winning
See people think everyone cares, but honestly can you care about something you don’t understand?
Well that’s why I say I don’t care and I don’t understand
When people lie, I mean their words just fall apart in my mind
I look at them searching for their awkward pain just to realize they are insane
I see them trying so hard to forget their past, but our past is what makes us human
We create ourselves with the help of our peers who influence us with what appears to be all true
But as we grow our minds begin to see…
All the lies and truth mix to create a person with very little fear, just enough love, a silly dream, and with everything in mind set right

Wait I’ve been here before
I was sick and depressed and I could almost taste death
And honestly it tasted sweeter than the world around me
But I try to forget its luscious flavor and accept this salty life
For I am one who dwells in my broken past and I know pain like some know alcohol and I know misery like some know drugs…
And I know hate like god knows everything
So all apologies aside
I know I just want to fade into life like the way songs play over and over in my mind
Until I finally break
And all I ever wanted was love
Just one simple pleasure made me take this pitiful life and throw it away

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