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Throwing In The Towel
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Throwing In The Towel

It's pleasing just to hear your voice,
because it is more than a noise.
Most humans are so ignorant
they run away at one small hint
of truth that is not quite pc
their minds are never really free.

So, when you say that you are scared
it means you worry how they fared
those many millions so abused,
it shocked you, yes left you confused.

Factoids not facts are news today
those falsehoods that may sound okay
they're told until you've memorised
the message that they have devised.

Just know that they don't ever care
they have a soul like Bush and Blair.
You, stupid human can be screwed
when Mister Greed is in the mood.

Take fluoride and it dulls your mind
you may stay beautiful and kind
but likely will consign the thinking
to those who'd never be seen drinking
the evil toxin halogen,
but will you throw the towel in?

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Comments (6)

We (Todd and I) were just talking about this very topic. Of course, due to you....it really is a strange feeling to now 'know' so much yet have so little power to change things. Very well written Herbert. Sincerely, mary
Yes we do love Lawrence the way he is, but no kisses from me. Ernestine, you can judge the quality of bottled water by the amount of Magnesium. If you can get Gerolsteiner....it is the best. Vichy has killed children and also caused skeletal fluorosis, be careful, it may contain lots of fluoride. Best H
I'm all for bottled water now Herbert, even if my teeth start falling out! ! ! ! ! Good bit of truth there. Sincerely Ernestine
Excellent take on society today - we are ignorant, aren't we. Well done! Warmest regards, CJ
I like this one....brings a light on how stupid humans can be. And Lawrence we love you just the way you are! !
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