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Throwing Up Words

A promising sunset,
but a night just void of light,
darkness that validates,
nothing is part of something else.
I feel like a chilli burrito,
dynamite wrapped in blandness,
my thoughts circle around,
a self-centered purpose.

I am so full of words,
that I can hardly breath,
they caught me by surprise,
I swallowed one by one.
Your love, your hope,
your dreams, your feelings;
taste like pink marshmallows,
lie heavy in my stomach.

Characters rumble in my bowels,
not accepting their fate,
rearranging for the truth,
oh god, I can't contain myself:
I let go of of a tiny 'I',
followed by a destructive 'don't',
I vomit a misunderstood 'love',
expell an apologetic 'you'.

The dilemma in front of me,
penetrates my horrified eyes,
my body paralyzed,
due to loss of self-control.
My ears recognize without doubt,
your bare soles on the floor,
leading to the crime scene,
another night of no escape.

A silly mess hidden under the bed,
its stingy smell only covered up,
by the heavy perfume of lust,
sinking through the mattress.

by Khris Hanson

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