Thrush In The Fairycastle

Poem By Juan Olivarez

In the fairy castle in the back,
A pair of thrushes dwelt.
For wondrous songs I did not lack,
The most beauteous, heartfelt.

Peeking inside of their domain,
You'd see the passing of the years.
You'd see nests if your neck you'd crane,
There they could nestle without fear.

Ever higher the levels went,
As the fairy castle grew in age.
And it seemed as their fledgelings out they sent,
The fairy castle turned a page.

Then just last week I saw one morn,
A single solitary thrush.
Singing on the fairy castle lost and forlorn,
I felt his songs my heart would crush.

All day all night he sang away,
But it was all for naught.
And there I see him everyday,
Lost is the one he sought.

It breaks my heart, to see him so,
His heart like mine is torn in two.
His songs all day and night do flow,
I wish I knew what to do.

They were my companions for so many years,
When I left, they remained.
They sang to me through joy and tears,
Through sunshine, and through rain.

He never wanders very far,
For the fairy castle is his home.
And he sings away at the sun and stars,
But now he sings alone.

The Fairycastle was planted in my backyard,
About fifteen years ago. It is a member of the,
Genus, Night Blooming Cereus, and it,
Is about twelve to fifteen feet high, and extremely thorny.

3/1/12 Alton Texas

Comments about Thrush In The Fairycastle

I agree with Smoky- beautiful sentiment here- a 10! !
Beautiful sentiment in this graceful poem.

5 out of 5
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