Thugs Journey

Poem By LaTijera Gipson

I walked the streets and knew i was bad,
I reminisced on all the girls i had.
i could make a pimp get mad. Lots of elders look at me and say 'that is so sad, that smart young man headed to the pin.'
I walk down the block, that i knew was hot, but i didnt care cause anywho walked up on me was sure to be shot.
As i continue to walk down the street, i had a sudden lump im my stomache, and it wasnt that i needed to eat. but i had a feeling something was about to pop off that would be deep. I hit the corner to an alley just to hear someone speak, ' aint that that dude who be on Mon street.'
So I kept my paste, reached in my waist to see that i had forgotten my heat.
And out of nowhere a big shadow came over me.
About 12 dudes stood at my feet. The big 1 hit me in the face when i swung back he ducked and i got stuck, with his knife in my side.
i wanted to scream shoot i wanted to cry.
there in the alley i was stabbed and beat.
then my grandmother words came to me, ' you got yourself in deep and tight, its to late to try and fight.
You messed up yourself and the only way out, is death! '
And was she right.
Then i thought about my mother, how was she going to be...
Puttin her baby boy six feet under! ! !

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