Poem Hunter
(11/11/1982 / Birmingham, England)


They robbed me and left me for dead
Whilst you were all tucked up safe in your beds
Now I'm stuck lying here every single day
I won't deny that I'm jealous of you
Admit it, you wouldn't like to be in my situation
Those thugs took my life and threw it in the bin
And what for? Please tell me my sin
Phoning my loved one to check she was in
Whilst walking home from the pool hall?
Who'd have thought that was my biggest ever mistake
Thank you for coming and keeping vigil
I do appreciate all the words that you say
I just want you to know, I'm always listening
I live for the news and the gossip
Although I can't respond, I know you are there
I just wish I was able to tell you I care
Maybe one day I will awaken
Then I'll tell those fools they were mistaken
I'd done nothing wrong, yet it's my life that they've taken

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