(1987- / Groton, Connecticutt)

Thumb In The Wind

I've sat and thought of you over a countless number of times.
Which direction fits best, on the journey to your heart.
The soft spreading of lips revealing an ocean of teeth.
Ivory polished at suns first light. Just over the horizon of clouds.
Huge boulders that stand the test of time.
I've thought over and over again, which is the best way to prove my love to you.
I've followed the compass of the sun hoping to reach you soon.
I have no perfect explanation for this, this conquering feeling that devours
every inch of me.
As the only way to be in love, is to love.
I've bathed in the very thought of you. There isn't an inch of me that isn't
covered by your waking thought. Drops of you, covering me like rain
Sprung from the shower head. Or that comes from up above.
drenched in the soft sighs from the blight of your selflessness.
I am cleansed by the everlasting desire that longs only to be next to you.
Which direction fits best, on this journey to your heart.
Between North, West, East, and South my thumb subsides in the wind.
Waiting to feel the warmth of your heart. Away from the bitter wind that brings an chilling realization that you may fear hitchhikers.
I realize that every moment may not be perfect. As along the journey
I have encountered many rocks and sleepless nights spent on this road.
The dirt and grime of disappointment. Not being able to reach the state line
before your eyes close. But I promise you this,
I will keep traveling this road until I reach the destination of your heart.
And once there, I plan on never leaving

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