AS (Sep.20.1989 / Oakland, California)

Thunderous Passion

The sounds of the thunder against my window
i'm sitting here thinking of you
The melodies we amke togther are singing in my ears
craving your body next to me I slowly drift into a dream
i dream of you kissing my inner thighs close to areas that shine so much
I dream of being sensitve to your touch
feeding my craving you slowly tongue me down
All I can do is moan
In my dream you explore me inch by inch and you find you destination
you pull yourself up to meet my eyes and you gaze at me with fiery intensity
Then you digit, oh your digts slid into me, and gasps and moans fill me
I feel you touching my soul and satisfyingme completely
I suddenly jolt awake and realize it was just a dream
One thkng keeps me thinking
The thunder on my window

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caught me a little off guard, Still...well written some strong immagery of passion, nice write Arienne