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Thursday’s With Buffet, Paul & Scotch

Trying to feel normal, not much gain.
A few more drinks should really end it.
The feeling, known and bringing pain,
Was, of course, with zeal, befriended.

Then Paul and Jimmy on my mind
Their poetry marking, keeping time,
Like “80 feet of the water line”,
Rhythm partners deep in crime.

I heard his bow tie was a camera.
His hat was made of gabardine.
And while I never really saw it;
America was and deeply seen.

Like a friend that feels at ease.
A stilling feeling fading feeling,
A morning fight against the tide,
A mighty lonely airplane ride.

And so your ears will plainly see,
American freedom has never ended,
And like a patriot's passioned plea,
Like a dog, I was befriended.

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