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Thursday To Sunday

On Thursday she told me she was leaving,
she wanted to get out of my sight.
She didn't want to waste words talking about it,
no discussion would put things right.

She asked me to book a flight to England,
where she would make a life on her own.
It was clear that I no longer figured in her life,
and she certainly made that known.

For the rest of the day she never spoke to me,
and tried to avoid me in every way.
She wouldn't listen to any of my questions,
this was one of those silent treatment days.

I said that this was no way to be parting,
we should talk and reach a compromise,
but she threw reasoning back into my face,
slammed doors and much more besides.

Her mood was set for the following two days.
She never once spoke a civil word.
I had accepted what seemed inevitable
even though I thought it absurd.

I sent emails and letters to friends and family,
explaining that we had come to an end.
She had decided to break up the partnership
and didn't want to part as friends.

In bed at three thirty on Sunday morning
she asked if I was awake.
I said I had just woken up that very second,
what was so urgent that couldn't wait.

She wanted to say something important,
so I said say what do you want to say.
She was sorry for the way she had spoken to me
and her words weren't intended that way.

All she wanted was to be alone for a while
and to get away from the day to day stress.
She paused, then whispered that she still loved me,
and could I forgive her for this terrible mess.

For a few minutes I lay thinking and said nothing.
She then said, "Well, is forgiveness in your heart?
I'm sorry that the words I said all came out wrong
I do love you and don't want us to part."

I explained the position that she had placed me in,
and that I'd made plans for a new life on my own.
I'd made the arrangements to live without her
because she insisted on being alone.

"So that's it, " she said, "you can't forgive me? "
I said, "I couldn't go through all this again.
What's stopping you repeating the performance? "
"I promise I won't, " she said, "its caused us too much pain."

Slowly and gently, she placed her arm around me,
and I thought for two minutes or more.
I then turned and placed my arm around her and kissed her,
and said, "My decision is because you're now sure."

by Orlando Belo

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The poem brings to fore the ups and downs between lovers- married or otherwise. You have portrayed the turmoil / experience with a discerning mind. But, I am relieved that this all ended on a positive note. I am pleased to include this poem into my favourite list. Thanks. For the rest of the day she never spoke to me, this was one of those silent treatment days. She had decided to break up the partnership, .....I promise I won't, she said, its caused us too much pain.