(17 September 1883 – 4 March 1963 / New Jersey)

Overnight Stay

Mist slips into sky, unnoticed.
Fog hovers around the wooden
bridge, like a beacon,
that guides him to my home.

the sound of people merrying
in early dusk, deep in the cracks
of nightfall,
the lull of passing cars
is music that soothes a restless soul—
this restless soul

while lying here, naked,
intensely intwined
with Julian.

by s./j. goldner

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Comments (3)

I love the writing style he had! It's all so simple, and the mundane quality his poems have really speaks to me. This one especially, it makes a vivid image of a very normal scene and makes it feel almost magical while still keeping the very everyday boring part of it. Love it, love his poems.
Besides the bad grammar - lines 3 and 4 - the write transmits nothing. This is not a poem and I declare this without being pretentious.
And that is exactly how it feels. William Carlos Williams writes things and those things are true.