Thy Father's Friend

Today I sit amazed and wonder
At the blessings God has given,
Do I really deserve such love
From my father up in heaven.
When I see such hurt and sorrow
That surrounds me every day,
So many people searching for love
If only they would take time to pray.
Life would have much more meaning
God would surely answer their call,
And the burden that they carry
He would help to bear it all.
Then when we look into those faces
We would see a very special glow,
They would have found, inner peace
The special love of God would show.
When I see such hurt and sorrow
I bow my head and pray,
Please, Lord, give me the wisdom
Teach me what to say.
If I can calm one aching heart
And change a frown to a smile,
I feel my journey would be complete
When I have travelled my last mile.
Proverbs 27:10 "Thine own friend, and
Thy father's friend, forsake not, ---
Neighbor go into thy brother's house in
The day of thy calamity: For better is
A neighbour that is near than a brother
Far off."

by Lida Pretty

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