Thy Love

Close my eyes and spread my wings
Disregarding emotions that life brings
Like a puzzle fitting perfectly
Like breeze in the sky blow gently
Underlying clouds bury safely beneath
Heavenly rain spills its drops with swift
Falling and falling
Graceful like the swan
Gliding across the pond

Someone special caught by sight
Someone astounding glowing in the light
Stunning view that stupefies
Wholly Flabbergasted
Heartbeats halted



Wondrous world as death nears
Cast away sorrow and fears
The mystery and unpredictability
Is exactly why we should not flee
We're all invincible you see
It's only a matter of to what degree
Reveal yourself truly
Accept yourself fully
Love her deeply
Cherish her plentifully

What it'll result is

Unconditional, undying love
Remarkable bonds shared above

by Purple 97 Angeline

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