Thy Loving Sacrifice

Lyrical verse of a cold harmony,
Follow the calling to thy very knee.
When thee are called from the grave,
It will be’th thyself who invokes the knave.
Humbly thee bow before thy anti-savior,
But does’t thee know thy price of servitude?
For love of thy night creature repent forever.

As I have love’th thee most
I will bring’th forth thy very ghost.
Thy death cannot separate our one,
Not before our loving-lust is done.
Thy angelic-purity begraces thy
Dark-passionate soul to raise above
The ashes of thy life, in which I lie.

Thee was the gilded saint
That prayed for thine un-taint.
But, the powers that be’th, prevent
A lusting-love like ours to vent.
For the world shouldn’t know
Of such dark redemption in love.
As with sun to night, our love must go.

As the golden truth peaks over the horizon
I am forced to flee the light of the Son.
But after thee has been burnt to ground,
In darkness hour, I will’eth bring your sound
Back to the respited night, lusting-love now heals.
I lie’th in thy ashes, and am engulfed in love
Thy ashes swirl, and surround, creating thine safe seals.

Thy loving sacrifice was the heavenly fix
For thy night creature to arise, sunlight phoenix.
Once I was but ashes to the divine light
And lusting-love detest in the cold, dark night.
But now, with love’s seals, I walk’th streets
Without fear of the light, for thy love reformed.
Day and night, I love as thy heart no longer beats.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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