Thy Mysterie

Thy Misterie, the Ministrie, The Primordium Mobile
You were the beginning from whence came banal

Before you, you were the only one, and one not bliss
But a peace amongst the celestial pieces none amiss

That you are creator thine only strong embrace of love
Knightly before night and carrying us all from above

I adore that you can and will be from which I shall return
The Phoenix and the light house born and fiercesomly burn

To know you might I see peace on this waterous jewel?
From your children that fight and kill and act the fool

To know you would I seek you in all that before, or come again?
That I can talk of things so heavenly would that I seek for my kin

Yes, you have many a name and Peace may be the one
But you my lord, are the infinite, which I shalt be outdone..

by Brian McBrand

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