DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Tick Tock Knock Knock Tick (Unfinished)

I’m out on the street again, and smiling
Feeling good no thought of dying,
The days seem like hotspots of happiness again
And the heat is the moment of life again,
The spark that lit the fire light in my eyes.
On the distance horizon is destiny
And I make another run, but
The closer I get the darker the light fades
My dreams are taken by the setting sun,

Inside of me lays a spirit of bad company,
I was born with him, a mad man in my head
And he begins to speak to me I fight him but
His word become more free, sliding in front of me
He’s becoming me, bad, bad company
He speaks with words that echo the cavity of my mind
I am here now its my time too shine,
In a hail of tears crippled by fear, he is everything of me
Even the air I breathe,

Out of my mind again my feelings from battle withdrew
And my mind is his not mine, but im sorry
For all the things he’s about to do, he is the moment and it
Shows in my eyes, I fear my final moment is due, he’s brought it forward
And I swear from a roof top we flew but with no crash I mustve dreamt it all but true
I hear a knocking from inside on the secret doorway passage of my mind
My safe place when he attacks
Knock, knock, knock hello Daniel im back……

Now these town all know our name, I withdrew from you Daniel
Due too a prescription pill bottle, you tried too kill me Daniel; didn’t you
Know my time is here I hear you screaming in your mind and I don’t mind Daniel
Its my turn to try Daniel and will succeed,
Destroy everything that’s you and slide the razor on the wrist and make you bleed my morning dew,
Or leave you with nothing and withdraw from view
Pick up those pieces Daniel for they are you or where ha ha haa

But we do I start with destroying you, your pathetic existence makes it hard too choose,
Maybe with Layla il take her hand, pretending to be you destroy the heart that once loved you and allow your return,
Or place my circle on the floor rip open hearts and allow hearts to pour, blood stricken heartache I adore do you hear me Daniel can you hear me
You shouldve allowed me not denied me this time you will die I will have fun with the final moments of your life for I know you can see it in that crowded space in your mind

Watch me draw blood from innocent minds, pollute the core of everything you’ve made pure, come now Daniel don’t cry you started it its my life and mind not yours
There’s a door between you and me but how long do you think it can withstand me
Il keep knocking and knocking but in the mean time I have a plan for you too witness

Il grab you soul and devour slowly with savour how far can you go Daniel before you open the door, together Daniel we was born I am the only one who remained, the one who helped you endure what you family laid for you to fall, your mother didn’t wanna know, your father left the your poor baby brother chose death then rather be with you this is true you know it too
You’re a coward Daniel, didn’t even go to his funeral, hahaha oh yeah I forgot that was me, but still, your weak the meek inherit the earth as you will do six feet under the dirt, but not yet ive not caused enough hurt, tick tock knock knock tick im going bezerk,
Im delivering too you want you gave me

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