DD (6/11/54 / Darwen England)

Ticket 'Love'?

On holiday in Blackburn Lancashire,
and my name is D. Darbyshire.
I took a Double-Decker bus from the infirmary,
to the center of town, I sat upstairs.

This was my first time in England,
so I was a bit of a green horn.
The ticket lady came by and said to me:
Were are you going 'love'? , ticket 'love', change ' love'.

Well I was shocked, this lady who I didn't even know,
was totally in 'love' with me, as far as I could make out.
But this was not true, she was not in 'love' with me,
It's that in Lancs. there all warm and talk like that you see.
Right Love! , Chuffed to know ya Love! , Ok Love! , Bye Love.

by David Darbyshire

Comments (4)

And it's not just in Lancashire, love. One of our terms of endearment, me old cock. Lots of us talk like this, me duck. Loved this one, Dave, it's soooo naive. Love, Fran the Fan xx
i am not suprised Dave love that everybody loves you love...love...nalini
Interesting write, love....lol
Dave, that's cute and it's true; some of us love being called love and some of us find it enormously irritating (guess which camp I fall into) . Funny, and well-written! t x