Poem By Andrew woods

When some thing bad is about to happen I can see it and aviod it. a bomb goes off every body is safe from harm way. all the vilains hate me and what I can do.

they try to kill me but they don't win. some say it's a gift I say it's a curse what ever it may be I wish I never had it. some say it's all in my head maybe it is all in my head.

could I be going crazy or am I am victem of the future. there is a clock ticking near by I have a vision of wear it may be. I ask for help to find the bomb 30 minutes till distuction till the end of my life.

I thought all is lost at 3 minutes and 30 seconds then it hit me I am the bomb. I am a living bomb I thought to my self how could I defuse my self.

the only way to defuse the bomb is to find the source. I found the source it was in my head I went to the gun shop to by a gun.5 4 3 2 1 nothing happend till three years from now.

I was rememberd as a herro and nothing but a herro some say I am a legend. I say well I let you dicide what I said.

I saved thousonds of lives

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some think of teens are like a puppy
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