My Love

I gaze out my window into the night sky,
The breeze flows through the trees.
They gently sway.
I imagine that I am sailing along that breeze,
And it carries me to wherever you're standing,
Peering at the same moon I see.
Seducing you to become lost in the night,
Searching for answers in its radiant light.
I stare into the heavens.
I see you're eyes shine like the stars,
You're smile bright as the moon.
Tiny points of light combine to form your face.
As I close my eyes,
The breeze wraps around my body,
I imagine it is your arms embracing me.
I can almost feel you kissing me gently.
I gaze at the moon once more,
And send a kiss on the breeze.
The same one that brought you to me.
And for a moment in time I am with you again.
And my heart is filled with every happiness,
Every single blissful moment the world has ever felt.
This is the feeling you give to me.
I have found my heaven, and it is with you.
I have found my perfect being,
Where every question is answered,
And I am at peace with myself.
This love I feel for you is unlike any other.
I have finally realized what life is for.
It is for loving you.
I am finally complete.
I am finally whole.
I am one with you.
My Love.

by Joshua David Tyler

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Interesting presentation. Raynette Eitel