Dream my friend, we walk away from this desert
Into the meadow, the forest, a plentiful
Amounted waves, upon far reaches Haven
Tis a spell, a moment, captured and saved
Pave the roads, with bricks, chisels and screams
Whip them alive, as matter disrupting
From pain inside, a dream awakening
In silence's chamber breaking, Shells,
The alive room in Set halls,
Before the mystery, alone and called
To woolen ways beyond followed,
And a passage of what has always hollowed
A Chance, you say, perhaps it shall be
A roll of the dice and a lineage per see
It is all in the hand, a strength fortified,
Call me a liar as the gut inspires
To take a chance, a gamble, a risk
To prevent all the happenings gift

by Daniel Reurink

Comments (3)

Superb poem. I love it. Especially like its last paragraph.. The verse is so true. There is never enough time to do everything we have in mind.. HBH
simply lovely. I enjoy reading of this aspect of your personality
Nothing.....I got it! Where in the world did you come from? :)