(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Tides Of Time

From birth the tides of time both high and low,
Pushes our lives to and fro,
Without reason, without rhyme,
Sometimes bad, sometimes kind!

Looking forward to the tomorrow's,
Youth has yet to see the sorrows,
So there is no hesitation,
To them it is elation!

And as the tides push and pull,
Trying to live our lives to the full,
There will be those undertows,
That create so many woes!

As we fight our way through those,
Sometimes with the help of prose,
Then look back at where we have been,
Toughens the body and soul within!

We took the best that time unfurled,
Standing bravely and uncurled,
Yet with a sense of loss so very deep,
As age upon us will slowly creep!

Until the final twilight on us falls,
And the angel of death upon us calls,
Making a mockery of the race against time,
And a mockery of human kind!

by Franklin J. Warren

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