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Tiger Moth
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Tiger Moth

Poem By Alison Cassidy

I wasn’t sure at first
how you’d enjoy it,
but I knew you liked adventure,
so I booked
and kept my fingers crossed.

The tiger moth stood to immaculate attention,
a giant insect marooned on a grassy sea.
Smaller than I had imagined her
and lighter too,
with silver fabric wings
and a lone propeller
balanced on her nose.

She might have been left over
from a Forties film set,
or a toy abandoned by a spoiled child.

You donned the flying jacket
they offered
and stepped
(with surprising agility)
into the forward cockpit.

Then belted, capped and goggled
you awaited the ‘contact’ command
and a firm hand upon the propeller.

I shielded my eyes
as the ancient bi-plane rose into the air,
pirouetting amongst the clouds
and looping the loop with terrifying grace.

Your face was pink and pleased
when you alighted.

‘It was fabulous’ you said -
and meant it.

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Comments (5)

oh, this is a lovely write. Enjoyed reading this.It brought memories..ahh. love, meggie
'a giant insect marooned on a grassy sea.' I love the the imagery you use to describe this aircraft - you bring the whole exhilerating experience to life. j xx
A wonderful description of what sounded like a terrific experience. Thank you for sharing. Love, Andrew x
Allie, thanks for this one. It brought back lovely memories of when I was a kid in the ATC over here. I may not have gone up in a TIger, but I did do some flying in Chipmunk trainers. Wonderful poem from you as usual. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. Love and Hugs David xxxx
Allie, this scene sounds delightful, you painted it with great skill and a deft touch. I enjoyed very much reading about it, not half as much enjoyment though as the person who got the joy of riding in that graceful plane. Wonderful penning. HG: -) xx