Tiger Our National Animal, Cow Considered As Mother

Tiger is the Brand
Indian people feel free
To declare
We keep the balance of Earth
Keeping peace our heart
At the rate of suffering

We dominate the war-afflicted surface
Blowing the message of force we carry within
But just to meet our hunger
Not to snatch any sovereign identity of others

Tiger is the Brand
Indian people feel free
To move on the globe
Bringing people to make
A war-free planet

Don't Mr. Religious
To implement your communal superiority
Never try to make this agenda
As your prior need
To replace other animal
Whom we know as Mother and God
To level as an Animal

Better you preach the doctrine
Cow is Mother gives milk
To Human child
Never try to consider
Mother as an Animal!

Pranab k c

by Pranab K. Chakraborty

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