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Tight Rope~

It's a balancing act at best- this life...
Wake up- breathe in and yawn
Prepare your mind and your body
Prepare yourself for a brand new dawn;
It's an awakening of sorts, if you will
Nudged, not so gently, by the oft' terrible times
Good to bad come like a rollercoaster-unchecked
Subjecting us to the unsavory & white collar crime;
Who do we trust with our days then?
Who is real and who is pretend?
And is your home really a castle?
Or do the walls have ears and cracks that you cannot mend?
Is your food safe to eat?
And what of the liquid that you take in?
It's a balancing act at best in this uncivilized life
Where criminals and mental instability commit their sin;

By, Theodora Onken

January 5,2013

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