MH (7/19/1992 / )

Tightly Bound.

You're one step closer to the edge.
One breath closer to the end,
You're walking towards a flower on the ground,
The chains around your ankles keep you bound.

Bound to the evil that controls you.
Bound to the hate your heart has went through.
Bound to the hate you heart has went through
Bound to the thoughts that keep you bitter
Bout to the label, 'You're a quitter'

Bound to the hate that still remains
Bound to these awfully bloody stains
You're face is a dirty little wreck
and there's a nuse tied tightly round your neck.

by Maura Hunt

Comments (1)

I read poems in reverse order so this is the third I have read of yours. I won't say its the best and I won't say its the worst. But I can say this. You are very young, you will get much better. But Frankly, in terms of pure writing in a creative way, you are far ahead of others your age. You write like someone in their twenties. Who knows, maybe you are. Either way. My compliments. I'll nake a note to return.