Til I Forget About You

Walking around in circles
Trying to figure out what I'm gonna do
Gotta find a way to forget about you
Since you've been gone I thought things would get better

But to be honest things are not getting better
Every time I think you're off my mind something always reminds me of you
I keep holding on to the past
Holding on to something I knew we could never have

Til I forget about you I'll go on pretending to be happy
I'll go on and forget about the good times we shared
Til I forget about you I'll go through and burn all the pictures of you
Since you've been gone I've been a wreck I don't know what else I should do

Every tear I would cry you were always there wiping them away
Now I'm stuck here all alone trying my best to erase you from my heart
Til I forget about you I'll tell myself you were a waste of time
But in the end I know I'd be telling myself a lie

Can't you see I'm dying inside without you
And I've already tried to get you off my mind
If you could only see that maybe we were meant to be
Til I forget about you I'll drive myself crazy

November 20,2010


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